Solar water heater systems harness the power of sunlight to heat water, thus making it an economical way for residential and commercial areas in the UAE to generate hot water for various purposes.

How economical is the solar water heating solution?

Residential homeowners and commercial business owners can discover the amount of electricity they can save by buying and installing solar water heating systems by using this calculator.  Here’s a breakdown of the growth of electricity consumption and production in Dubai, UAE:

  • Residential – 28.52%
  • Commercial – 47.52%
  • Industrial – 6.84%
  • Power Station and Diesel Auxiliary – 8.60%
  • Non-commercial buildings – 8.52%

Although purchasing and installing a solar water heater in Dubai and anywhere else in the world comes with a hefty price tag, the money you save in electricity bills compensates for it.

saving money in the long run, but the initial investment is based on the following factors:

  • Hot water consumption based on number of occupants in the home and building
  • The water heater system’s performance
  • The solar resource and geographic location
  • Available incentives and financing options
  • The cost of conventional fuels such as electricity and oil
  • The cost of fuel you utilize for your backup water heater if you own one

Even so, installing a solar water heater will benefit you because solar energy is free, which means one less expense, the electricity bill.

Is saving money on utility bills the only reason to switch to using a water heater in Dubai?

Saving money is just one benefit out of the many you’ll receive with a solar water system. Let’s tell you about the rest.

1. Combats Climate Change

According to Eos, a news and science publication, the world continues to rely heavily on fossil fuels as a source of energy. This dependence is projected to increase by 2.8% through 2040. Increased energy usage will result in a 16% increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with annual emissions rising to 39.3 billion metric tons in 2040.

Adding to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions is the burning of trees and solid waste that releases it into the air. Increased energy usage and the burning of biological materials cause the environment to suffer, resulting in climate change, i.e., global warming. Carbon dioxide emissions threaten all life on the planet, including those of animals.

Although we can’t prevent this from happening, we can do our part to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and install a solar water heater system. It doesn’t use fossil fuels to heat water.

Solar water heating systems can prevent  CO2 from releasing into the air, and this brings us to our next benefit — it’s long-lasting.

2. Long Lifespan

Compared to conventional water heater systems, a solar water heater system can reduce your energy costs over the lifespan of the system, which is 25 years and more depending on how well maintained your system is.

Their life expectancy also depends on the unit type, water quality, installation, and maintenance schedule. How much maintenance your solar water heater requires depends on its design. You can choose from an active solar water heater or a passive solar water heater in Dubai.

Active water heaters use a pump to move water between the tank and collectors, whereas passive water heaters use natural convection to carry water. There are slight differences between the two.

  • Active water heater systems, you can choose either direct or indirect water circulation. We recommend direct water circulation for mild climates, such as UAE, and indirect water circulation for cold temperatures, such as Canada.
  • Passive water heater systems are less costly, and we recommend them for climates where temperatures rarely go below freezing.

Although both types of solar water heating systems require minimal maintenance, passive water heating systems require the least amount, as they have fewer components. We can assist you in deciding which solar water heater is best suited for water heating needs. Not only will your solar water heater last, but you’ll also have cleaner water.

3. Ceases Contamination

Carbon dioxide emissions and particulates may be the most recognizable byproducts of burning fossil, but they aren’t the only ones muddying up our environment. According to research, power plants release toxic metals such as mercury into the air each year. These substances find a way into the lakes, rivers, and streams, and that’s not all.

The contamination also puts your health in jeopardy. By installing a solar water heater system, you’re taking a step in the right direction in stopping mercury and other toxic metals from contaminating our waters.


Should You Consider Buying and Installing a Solar Water Heater System in Dubai?

According to this study, the UAE experienced a surge in energy demand, increasing from 33,742 GWh to 43,093 GWh between 2010 and 2016 while increasing their electric power capacity. The demand exceeded the supply with UAE’s commercial industry-leading with 47.5% and residential buildings leading with 28.9% in energy consumption.

The heavy reliance on energy by commercial buildings in the country contributed to CO2 emissions and added to global warming. For instance, commercial buildings consumed 81% of energy in the winters and 30% in the summers; hence it was pertinent for the country to reduce its carbon footprint.

Another research reported the implementation of solar-assisted heating and cooling systems by UAE.  The country installed a solar-powered system in one building and a standard system in another building for comparison. They discovered that it resulted in a CO2 and energy savings of 176 kWh per year with a 140 ton per year with a payback duration of four years.

In another study, researchers optimized the water tank volume and solar thermal collector area for a solar-powered absorption cycle according to the UAE’s climate. They discovered that a specific water tank volume and a solar thermal collector area reduced energy consumption by 47%, with carbon dioxide emissions reducing by 12 tons each year compared to standard systems.

Although more research into solar water heater systems in Dubai needs to be performed, the global and local research on the advantages of buying and installing solar water heater systems in Dubai say that it’s a practical and environmentally-friendly solution for both commercial and residential areas.


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