Plumbing Services Dubai

Remediating and Repairing Plumbing Issues with Professional Plumbing Services in Dubai

Thanks to the marvel of modern plumbing, most of us are used to having hot and cold running water of tap in both commercial and residential properties. A well-functioning and efficient plumbing system enables people to turn on the faucet regardless of their needs.

However, plumbing issues are inevitable and a hassle as they can put a wrench in an otherwise productive day. Burst pipes, clogged toilets, broken faucets, leaking, and other plumbing emergencies can impact residential and commercial properties.

At home, plumbing issues turn your sanctuary into a mess. In contrast, at work, even a small plumbing issue can render an entire bathroom facility useless, affecting the employees’ productivity and hygiene.

Synchro Technical Services has access to the plumbing prowess of trained and licensed technicians well-versed in various plumbing systems and fixtures’ intricacies. We provide prompt plumbing services in Dubai, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and best industry practices to address your plumbing needs.

Installation, Repair & Plumbing Maintenance Services

Synchro’s plumbing services in Dubai are comprehensive and meant to address a wide range of issues. From rusty water heaters, corroded valves, and work toilet lids to complete plumbing system installation, we uphold high service standards to deliver excellence.

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet Repair  & Installation
  • Shower Faucet and Hardware Repair & Installation
  • Hand Bidet Shower Replacement & Repair

Water Leakage Repairs

Leaky faucets and pipes are some of the most common and often preventable plumbing issues. Even a small leak can cause significant water loss, potential water damage, and mold infestation if not repaired as soon as possible. Synchro uses specialized equipment to detect and fix leaks before they can cause extensive damage or affect your property’s structural integrity.

Drainage Clog Repair & Clearing

Hair, food waste, greasy residue, trapped air, toilet paper, and other unwanted waste are all attributed to drainage clogs. Whether it’s in the sink, toilet, bath/ shower, or the kitchen, we use drain snakes and other tools to clear the water pathway to flow out without backing up the system.

Water Closet (WC) Non-Cloncleeed & Concellealed Repair, Installation & Replacements

Toilets are essential sanitaryware, requiring proper functionality. Water closets, whether concealed or non-concealed, can get work or damage. This affects the usability of the bathroom, which can be cumbersome. Synchro can install, repair, and maintain both types of water closets so you can have a working toilet at all times.

Water Heater System Replacement, Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of the hot weather, UAE. Dubai still gets its share of winter. The hot and warm water, which is a necessity for both personal use and sanitation purposes. Whether you have an electric (stand-along) water heater or a solar water heater system in your commercial space, Synchro can install, repair, and providing ongoing maintenance services.

Leaky or rusting pipes, discolored water from your heater, clogged water closet, and various other plumbing issues are repairable with Synchro.

Our technicians and acute skills allow us to provide plumbing services in Dubai that accurately and quickly address your needs!


When it comes to fixing of new plumbing installations, our specialist and experienced plumbers team will be a perfect match. Perhaps you have bought a new outdoor tap? Or a new pump to boost the water pressure to your shower? Or a macerator unit for the kitchen sinks? Whatever you have, we should be able to install it.

Some installation work would require some additional damage, for instance as a result of running a pipe through walls or under floors rather than surface-mounted. Where this is necessary, our plumber will discuss your options with you before the work is undertaken. And, of course, you can book our handyman for any reinstatement and redecorate work afterward.

Synchro Technical’s Plumbers Assist you with all of the Below 

  • Installs taps and valves
  • Installs sinks and basins
  • Installs baths, showers and shower screens
  • Installs toilets and bidets
  • Installs macerator and waste disposal units
  • Installs valves and joints
  • Installs pipes and traps
  • Installs white goods appliances etc.
  • All your other requirements


Our specialist and experienced plumbers are ideal for and ready to help with repairing any plumbing issues at your home or office. Plumbing faults come in many different types, such as a dripping tap, leaking flush, or a defective shower.

This list is not an exhaustive one so please call us to explain your problem, and we will look to resolve it for you as quickly as possible, with the minimum disruption.

We can assist you with all of the below and more:

  • Repairing valves, including changing washers or cartridges
  • Repairing toilets, including flush mechanisms, cisterns, and overflows
  • Repairing traps, wastes, and plugs
  • Repairing leaking pipework
  • Repairing radiators, including bleeding and balancing, or overhauling valves
  • Repairing plumbing connections and joints


Our plumbers are just the right people for changing anything from a set of taps up to an entire bathroom suite. All plumbing installations suffer deterioration to a greater or lesser degree over time. When they stop working as supposed to, sometimes a repair will be good enough; often, however, replacement is a better alternative and hence a more viable solution.

You might need to replace something, or you might simply want to. Whatever the situation, our specialist plumbers can make it happen. In case the location or position of the plumbing fixture requires to be changed, we can advise accordingly as well as modify and adapt the relevant pipework to suit.

Synchro Technical’s Plumbers Assist you with all of the Below 

  • Replaces taps
  • Replaces showers
  • Replaces cartridges
  • Replaces sinks
  • Replaces basins
  • Replaces toilets

  • Replaces baths
  • Replaces radiators
  • Replaces washing machines
  • Replaces dishwashers

Please call us to describe what you need replacing, and we will look to carry out the replacement for you as quickly as possible, with the minimum disruption.

Installations Drain Unclogging / Unblocking

Water closets / Toilets, kitchen sinks, showers, urinals, basins, waste disposals, and baths can all become blocked for some different reasons, some within and some beyond your immediate control.

If you have a blockage for whatever reason, do contact us without any delay and we’ll get things flowing freely again.

Unblocking Jobs, We Do:

  • Unblock toilets
  • Unblock urinals
  • Unblock baths
  • Unblock kitchen sinks
  • Unblock showers
  • Unblock internal waste pipes

Synchro Technical Services in Dubai, UAE

Areas We Covered (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman)
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Shaikh Zayed Road
  • Falcon City
  • The Greens
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  • Meadows Dubai

  • Dubai Marina
  • Motor City
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
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